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CMM Quarterly Current Issue

Have you ever needed assistance while programming? Or need additional training of one topic and didn't need or want to re-take a training class? You've needed someone just to look over your shoulder to help get a program written.

Hiring an expert in the coordinate measuring field for several hours makes sense. With a training background an expert can quickly resolve any issues you come up against in programming. Why pay to re-attend a class, with that large expense, when you can target the one issue you need to overcome.


Mark Boucher Consulting, a CMM Quarterly company, is offering an introductory offer to on-line training. We currently support CALYPSO, CMM MANAGER, MCOSMOS


How it Works:

If you are interested in on-line training we can schedule a meeting time. The training will be done through a online service such as TeamViewer, GOTO Meeting, or another service. These services will allow us to do the training on your machine and with your parts.


What do we offer:


Training/ or Troubleshooting

Programming assistance/ Training

Programming of part programs



For this introductory offer purchase 2 hours and get an additional hour for free. This costs is $250 for 3 hours. I will send you a Square invoice once payment is made then we will schedule the training date.

Additional hours can be purchased at $125.00 an hour. 

Feel free to inquire about monthly support hours.


How do I schedule a session:


Please contact Mark Boucher Consulting at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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