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CMM Quarterly Current Issue

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has announced it will install ZEISS AICell trace at a premier electric vehicle manufacturer in North America in 2020. The correlation-free measuring cell is the most accurate, shopfloor car body robotic process and quality control system on the market. It achieves ISO 10360-8 stated accuracies while operating in extreme environments and offers the industry’s widest temperature operating range.

The dual, 7-axis robotic system was designed to measure 400 dimensional features faster than any other system in its class. It can also measure 60 critical features in typical automotive cycle times with accuracies comparable to a CMM. ZEISS AICell trace can also be utilized in near-line, at-line or in-line applications.

“With this system and the ZEISS absolute in-line quality strategy, our customers will build better vehicles and understand and control their processes from the first production part to the last,” says Keith Gudeman, Director of Automotive Systems at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. “The highly modular ZEISS AICell trace system can accommodate the most demanding production cycle times and quality initiatives.”

ZEISS AICell trace is an absolute system. It requires no correlation offset, which allows it to provide CMM quality results in-line on every manufactured part. The system can accommodate all ‘hang-on’ and ‘body-in-white’ parts when operating in by-pass mode. The full turnkey system includes:

  • ZEISS AIMax cloud optical 3D sensor
  • ZEISS AICell trace precision robot tracking system
  • ZEISS CARFIT smart fixtures
  • Turnkey support from the ZEISS engineering team

“ZEISS AICell trace brings the benefit of quality room measurement capabilities right to the production line, with its ability to operate in a typical manufacturing environment reliably for every part manufactured,” explains Robert Wasilesky, Automation Specialist at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. “No system correlation offsets are required. There is no more removing parts from the production line and waiting for process and quality control.” 

The ZEISS AICell installation required close collaboration between the premier automotive manufacturer, ZEISS CMM experts and the ZEISS robot automation team. The result was a high-speed robotic system delivered to the customer that met their stringent requirements. According to Wasilesky, “With an in-line system performing like a CMM, quality and process decisions are made instantly, at the line. The hours and sometimes days it took for the previous quality loop decisions can now be avoided.”

The system utilizes the high speed AIMax cloud sensor and ZEISS AICell trace robot tracking technology to accurately dimension the most critical features like hemmed edges, studs, rivets and nuts behind metal. The system tracks the robot position in microns and measures dimensions in less than one second per feature.

The ZEISS CARFIT smart fixtures with embedded identification and tracking technology automatically identify which part is in the cell to be measured. The fixture system instantly brings the part into the car body coordinate system. No other system provides this level of ease and accuracy.

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