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CMM Quarterly Current Issue

Metrologic Group has announced the release of its new version of Metrolog X4 and Silma X4, integrating new features for an improved user experience and more efficient 3D measurement. After taking into consideration customer feedback and requests, additional improvements have been added in terms of 5-axis functionalities, GD&T, overall user experience, gear module and more.

Additional 5-axis Functionality:

More improvements have been made in the latest V15. These include the colored path assistance allowing the user to respect the prerequisites for this technology, as well as the path planning which also enables the user to manage crossing points in 5-axis mode in order to optimize the desired trajectory.

GD&T Improvement:

The ISO and ASME standards for geometric tolerancing are constantly evolving to address product cycle scenarios and are used at all levels of production. Metrolog and Silma X4 are up to date and compliant with the current standards, as well as the V15 which integrates new functionalities in this direction. Indeed, there is an automatic calculation of the corrections to be applied to the machining tools, a coloring of the tolerance deviations as well as a customization of the freedom degrees in order to improve the analysis.

Gear Module:

Metrolog X4 software addresses the inspection of all gear types, from the most traditional to the most demanding applications like powertrains & high-accuracy machines. The gear module is now even more performant to help you inspect the gear geometry considering its unique definitions, geometrical characteristics, dedicated algorithms, inspection requirements, and report graphics.

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