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Are you new to Calypso but have a background with another CMM software? Do you have a working knowledge of the CMM but are looking to learn how to apply this knowledge to Calypso? Our 4 hour web training might be exactly what you need to become successful using Calypso.  The prerequisite for this training is you have a working knowledge of a CMM software.

Do you have training with

  • CMM Manager
  • Metrolog
  • Etc..

But now you need to transfer that knowledge to Calypso. You got a new job? You received a new Zeiss CMM and management won't pay for a training class? WE HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU

Mark Boucher Consulting offers a 4 hour web class to take the knowledge you have and apply it to Calypso. Simply signup, pay the tuition and receive the meeting number for an online course.

We will cover

  • Probe Qualification
    • Reference Sphere Location
    • Stylus Qualification
    • New Stylus
  • Base Alignments
    • Spatial
    • Planar Rotation
    • Origin
    • Alignments
  • Clearance Planes
    • Sub Clearance Planes
  • Geometric tolerancing
    • How to apply GD&T in Calypso
    • How Minimum Feature is applied
    • How Outer Tangential is applied
  • CAD Evaluation
  • Questions and answers


This is a four hour class. We will use version 5.4, however if you have a lower version we can create a class just for you.

The cost is $400.00, payable through PayPal or a check sent and received prior to the class.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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