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Innovalia Metrology of Spain has developed what it claims is the most versatile CMM available in the market. The M3 HYBRID CMM combines the classical technique of touch probe measurements with its Optiscan optical sensor. This unique hybrid design allows the measuring system integration for both laboratory and in-line manufacturing inspection with high precision and speed, enabling the user to select which technique (touch probe or scanner) is best suited for each measuring task.



“What we get with this new methodology is a much higher speed and reliability when making a three-dimensional measurements. We get those difficult to access points through our touch sensor system and with the Optiscan optical sensor we are able to scan the rest of the part providing a measurement containing millions of points.” Says Jesus de la Maza, president of Innovalia Group.

In addition to these intelligent metrology tools, Innovalia Metrology has also led the development of the M3 Software platform, that has been subject to a rigorous examination by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certifying its high accuracy. After conducting established measurement test, the quality of the result of M3 algorithms has been verified by NIST, demonstrating a high degree of accuracy in the measurement of 3D manufactured.

M3 HYBRID CMM is the ideal dimensional inspection system for high precision machined and thin walled parts. Sheet metal parts the user to immediately detect critical deformations of sheet metal parts during the stamping process can be easily detected providing the highest dimensional accuracy ensuring compliance with the most demanding of quality standards.

Innovalia Metrology manufacture a full line of bridge and horizontal CMM types and sizes where the M3 HYBRID multi-sensor system can be integrated.

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