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Keyence has announced the launch of its new VL Series of 3D Scanner CMM. The blue structured light scanner offers full 360 degree measurement and claims fully-traceable measurements of ±10 μm accuracy with 2 µm repeatability.

Conventional 3D scanners generally are unable to capture color information from a surface, the VL Series is able to collect surface data and color information to generate a 3D image accurately represents the scanned part. High and Low magnification lenses are built-in standard, along with a large, high-resolution CMOS camera for capturing color and measurement data. This combination of technology provides for a detailed part evaluation.

When measuring an object, light from two sides is projected onto the surface and the stage is rotated to ensure that data is collected from all sides. The incident angle of the projected light maximizes the data received from areas that are difficult to reach with conventional 3D measuring instruments. Two lenses allow either low or high magnification selection with a single click according to the size of the measurement sample. Lenses with a higher depth of field are used, eliminating the need to change and calibrate the lens to match the field of view and with no need to adjust focus.

The VL system has a measuring rage of ø300 mm × 200 mm in low magnification and  ø70 mm × H 50 mm for high magnification.

3D analysis can be performed on 3D shapes with complete flexibility. Once the data has been captured, measurements can be taken anywhere on the surface. In addition to standard measurements offered by conventional systems, the VL Series can also measure 3D shapes on the saved 3D scan. The system software allows the performing of geometrical evaluations for shape, position and form.

The markerless alignment feature allows the combining of scanned patches without the need for reference point markers/stickers. A unique algorithm is able to match 3D shapes to collect data quickly and easily without using the reference-point stickers, traditionally required, reducing preparation time for part scanning.

The VL system users can perform daily verification of 3D measurements with a ceramic ball gauge specially-designed to resist thermal variations.

Full 360° Scanning

Using the Keyence AI-WIDE SCAN II engine, millions of shape profile and color data points can be captured in a single shot and since the stage rotates through 360°, data from every angle can be collected.

Intuitive Interface

Objects can be scanned in 3D by simply placing them on the stage and clicking a button. Any measurements performed on the data set can be saved and applied automatically to other 3D scans for rapid analysis.

Perform Overall Comparisons 

The VL can quickly scan an entire object in 3D and compare directly to another object or to a CAD file. Differences between surfaces are represented by changes in color so that users can immediately visualize surface irregularities – perfect for prototyping and part-to-part comparisons.

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