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If we are to ask ourselves how the economy will look like in six or twelve months, our prediction won’t be less accurate than that of any “expert” financial analyst.

Our manufacturing business is a substantial business that can-not rely on predictions but on facts and actions - the actions needed to both stay in business and come out stronger.

In conjunction to that, I hope that North American companies, specifically in the automotive industry, will make the needed changes to succeed in the years ahead. In moving forward, I hope the industries in North America have learned the real cost of indiscriminate  outsourcing and its negative impact that sometime is irreversible.

Where does the inspection industry stand today? Still considered a bottleneck, expensive, not synchronized with design and manufacturing and lacking automation. The main reason is lack of standardization.  Vendors of CMM machine, peripherals, and software must adhere to a single standard, known as DMIS (do not be confused with PC DMIS, OPEN DMIS or any other acronym that use the standard as part of its product name).

The DMIS consortium, , led by a group of highly experienced industry professionals, is making an ongoing great effort to continue development and implementation the DMIS standard.

Whether you are a small or large organization, you may want to consider joining the  DMIS consortium and ask your CMM suppliers to become DMIS certified. This will help bring about the change that is crucial to your business and to the entire manufacturing sector in North America.

Sam Golan, PAS Technology 
President & CEO

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