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The DMSC is proud to announce a new initiative in developing an interoperability standard for quality measurement planning.
The Exchange of Quality Measurement Process Plans Specification (eQuiPP) is a new specification in progress, which will define all the information in a standardized structure required to generate measurement process plans for any quality measurement device. eQuiPP is intended as a non-proprietary and open standard XML XSD (XML schema definition) for variable and attribute quality measurement plans.
This effort is directed to anyone who is concerned with both Quality Measurement and Interoperability and provides an inherently simple solution to a pervasive problem – i.e., the need for a common language for quality measurement, irrespective of the source or the intended target for that information. The XML XSD will use the familiar concept of Conformance Classes, which lend certain predictability and fixed format, with each class suited to progressively more complex measurement tasks, from the most basic quality measurement needs to the most sophisticated CAD referenced topology with DME mapping. The standard will encompasses a Data Dictionary of elements that will constitute the various Conformance Classes and provide fixed reference definitions for the terms most commonly used in industry, along with real-world use cases.
The benefits of Quality measurement planning standardization include:
•  Eliminate wasted resource, money, and time in measurement planning and execution tasks.
•  Redirect these savings to value-added activities, enhancements, etc.
•  Allows Manufacturers and Measurement Solutions Providers to redirect more energy to new development.
•  Enables Inspection Systems to communicate with more Measurement Planning Systems making them both more useful.
•  Permit customers to focus more on core business.
•  Uses standard clear, identifiable, and unambiguous tags,
•  Move industry away from proprietary schemas that requires significantly more technical support.
eQuiPP will serve as a data hauling format for measurement plans from and to the following types of manufacturing packages: ERP, MRP, MES, CAD, CAM, CAQ, SQC, APQP, MSA,
The eQuiPP initiative is being lead from manufacturing, engineering and metrology industry experts whose intended scope includes; Scalability, Extensibility. Business case definitions, Use Cases, Data model, Data member definition, Rules and Structure, Schema, Samples, and a Practical Guideline for Implementation.
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