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Creating different tolerance bands on a Curve Form graph



If your looking to create a graph with a tolerance variation just follow these steps.



The first step is to generate a curve then we will apply the tolerance variations.





Click on the arrow below the Clearance Group pull down menu and begin to move through the list to identify the points where the tolerance bands change. Write these numbers down.


































Now open the tolerance fly out from the curve dialog box by clicking on the arrow.






















Check the Segment Tolerances


Click on Settings



When you click on Settings the follow dialog box will open. Your last point will be listed in the list.






















Click on the Create Tolerance Segments icon






















Begin to fill in the Start and End point values.



Enter the tolerances associated with these points.




In our example the values will look like this


1 to 299 +/- 0.180


300 to 1059  +/- 0.090


1060 to 1569 +/- 0.180


1570 to 1800 +/- 0.090




After the first entry this dialog box will appear. Answer YES the first time to remove the last point in the list. After each subsequent entry answer NO or your previous entry will be removed.







This is what the list begins to look like.

























To assist you as you define the tolerance bands you can right click on the CAD window and select Show Tolerance Lines.


Create a Curve Form Characteristic by clicking on Form and Location/ Curve Form. Open the Curve Form and select the curve as the Feature.





Open the characteristic and click on the Graphic icon. The graphic will appear like this.









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