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If you are programming off-line and have the Planner option you may create your stylus systems within Calypso and run the program as the stylus system moves around the part simulating the stylus movement. This is essential in "proofing the program" prior to running the program online. This article shows you how to create the stylus systems within Planner.


To create a stylus system in the off-line simulation mode you must first open Planner/ Stylus System Creator.




In the components list navigate to the Adapter plates. Select the Vast adapter plate. Highlighting the plate with one click will make it visible in the CAD window.



If this plate is the correct one double-click the selection and the plate will be inserted, indicated by the plate turning yellow



Now look at the example below and you will now begin to work with the Stylus System Tree


Select the –Z under the Adapter plate in the tree.

Follow the same steps as above and add a extension (highlight the component and it becomes visible, double-click to accept the component).




This will add the extension to the adapter plate. Now select the –Z under the Extension in the tree. Note because the extension is still highlighted in the component list it will be visible as shown below.




We want to add a cube here so expand the Cube selections under the Component menu and select the 15mm cube.



Double-click to accept the cube into the assembly. Select the –X under the cube in the stylus system tree. Again because the last selection, the cube, is still highlighted in the component list the cube becomes visible in the –X direction.



Navigate and expand the stylus selections and select the correct stylus configuration.


We will add a 3mm diameter by 23mm length stylus in every position around the cube.



Double-click to accept the stylus.


Now pick +Y in the Stylus System Tree, under the cube component and the 3mm stylus appears in the cube. Double-click to accept the stylus.



Repeat the procedure until all the positions on the cube have the 3mm stylus.



To remove a component that was incorrectly installed highlight the component and right-click and select Remove Component


When the stylus system is complete click on the Save icon.

Enter the following information in the Properties window. The name is the only item that is required the remainder is up to you.


Click Save to save the stylus and to exit the application


In the Calypso main screen click on Planner/ Import SSC File to import the stylus system into Calypso.


This dialog box will appear.


NOTE: Before any stylus system can be accepted the MasterProbe must first have been created, using the same steps as above, and imported into Calypso.



Click on Load System and navigate to where the stylus system is stored. The stylus system will be displayed in the CAD window. If this is the correct stylus system then click on Accept Loaded System.




NOTE: By accepting the stylus system it will now be the active system in Calypso.


Assign Stylus System to Rack


Click on the CNC Stylus System Change icon.


Highlight an empty rack position by clicking on the icon



Click on the pull down menu where it says Changer and select Set Stylus System To Stylus Holder.



Using the pull down select the desired stylus to insert into this rack position.



The stylus system is now inserted into this rack position.


You are now ready to use the Stylus System you have created within your program.





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