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Calypso training includes stylus system calibration and in these classes you art taught to load the MasterProbe and define the reference sphere position. While this article may be redundant for some users, for others you will learn there are any number of angle options to locate the reference sphere.


Recently, I was at a customer's facility and had to use a star probe shown below.

As you can see the stylus pointing upward would be difficult to calibrate if the sphere position was at one of the four basic positions offered in the Ref. Sphere Position dialog box. This stylus system has to be measured with the MasterProbe shaft pointing in the +X direction.

Setting the Angle Direction

When given the four basic sphere positions simply type in the angle of the MasterProbe shaft direction in the Rotation window as shown below

Do not change the Tilt, that remains at 135.0000

Enter the proper angle for the direction your stylus system requires.

Basic Angles

Masterball at 0 degrees


Masterball at 90 degrees


Masterball at 180 degrees


Masterball at 270 degrees


So don't struggle with trying to change the sphere coverage area to accommodate your stylus angle, just find the correct position that will allow you to calibrate properly.



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