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In this article we will explore how to add additional information to the output report using the text command. In our example, we have measured a diameter using the default Least Squares Method (LSQ) but we want to additionally add the Maximum Inscribed to the report without tolerancing but more of a reference. Here is how it is done.


First, measure your diameter with the default evaluation strategy. Now create another circle, by recalling the feature points of the previous circle. No need to remeasure just use the Recall Feature Points method and change the Evaluation to Max Inscribed. Next, create a Characteristic for the first, or the diameter with the LSQ evaluation. Open the Characteristic and select the Comment button.


After the comment button is selected you will see this dialog. Now right click in the comment section and select Formula


Click on the Function button



Find the Text statement and double click on the word text



Below is the statement that will be entered as the formula. We will need to modify it.



Modify as shown first. We will require some additional input where the cursor is. Navigate to the circle with the Max Inscribed Evaluation

Note that the text is within quotes. Value 1 of the formula will be the text


In our example the 6mm Dia 2 is the circle with the Max Inscribed evaluation. Now double click on the Feature and Attributes or type in the change to the formula line.



Your formula should look like the above. Now click OK


The Comment box will look like this.


The report will be as shown.







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