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This article is taken from CMM Quarterly's new CMM Manager video training course material.


The default probe assembly will be ProbeAssembly0. You may build any number of probe assemblies. If you have an interchangeable module probe system such as a TP20 or TP200 you will need to create a probe assembly for each module.


Select Probe > Probe Assembly from the Ribbon Bar


Click Add to add a new probe assembly.

Clicking Add will bring up the Probe Assembly dialog. You may leave the default name or rename the assembly.


Now we must build the new probe assembly. With ProbeAssembly 1 highlighted 


Begin to modify the Extensions and Touch Probes windows. You want to build your probe configuration to match what is on the CMM.


 Select from the Available Models and in conjunction with the arrow key and the Add, Delete, and Clear buttons create the proper configuration. The Probe Diagram on the left will update as you make your changes.


Click on Edit Stylus


Define the stylus. With 3P it is a simple process, with 6P it requires a little more information.


NOTE:  It is recommended to make the shaft size one-half the size of the ball size. The figure is used when calculating the measurement scheme when used with CAD models. This value of 3.000 needs to be changed to 2.000 since the ruby size is 4.000












After changes are made to the probe assembly, click the update button


Click Save to save the probe assembly.


To load a previously created probe assembly click, Load



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