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The Align Part command is used to realign a partially-measured or inspected part that has been physically moved on the CMM table. This can happen either by accident or because production priorities require the inspection of a different part. Being able to realign allows work to be interrupted without losing previous measurements.

1. Select Alignment Tab Ref Frame Management Group Align Part in the Ribbon Bar.

2. The Aligning Part in Progress... window pops up.

3. The OLD reference frame is displayed in yellow along with the current reference frame in red, green, blue.

4. Create a new, temporary reference frame identical to the OLD reference frame. Measure the same features used to create the OLD frame. Any of the Create New Reference Frame tools may be used along with the Modify tools. 

5. Click the Align button in the Aligning Part in Progress... window. 

7. The OLD part reference frame is transformed to coincide with the new temporary frame, along with all current measurement data.

8. All new measurements and inspections will be accurate and in the proper relationship to previous features and measurements.


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