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Here is the procedure:

1. In Machine Setup add the rack or racks you are using.

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2. Calibrate the rack(s)

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3. Configure the Probe Station (rack) - For an FCR typr rack you can change the adapter types (empty for SM modules, PA25-SH for SP25 Stylus Holders, and PA25-20 for TP20's)

probe 4.jpg
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Now go to the Probe Assy Dialog to correlate each Probe Assy with a Rack Port. First add the SP25M an be sure to click Update Assembly.

probe 5.jpg
probe 5.jpg (128.37 KiB) Viewed 770 times

4. Now add the SM25-1/SH25-1 or similar scanning module. You should see a dialog dislayed with an option to Assign to Port. Assign to Port 1

probe 3.jpg
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5. Now at the bottom of the Probe Assy dialog assign the entire Probe to Port 2.

probe 6.jpg
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Finally add another Probe Assembly and repeat steps 4 & 5. Be sure to assign the SM25-1 module to port 1 and the Probe Assy to Port 3.

This will allow changing just the Stylus Holder when changing from Probe Assy 0 to Probe Assy 1 while still using a common SM25 Scanning Module.

probe 7.jpg
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