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GD&T and Calypso

Mark Boucher Consulting offers a 1 day class on the topic of GD&T and Calypso at your facility. This is an on-site class.

We will cover how to apply GD&T principles into Calypso. There are rules that apply when using GD&T that must be followed. You will understand how Calypso uses Datum Shift, learn about Form Datum, and the advantages of using profile. This is a short list of what will be covered as we will cover all the GD&T characteristics.

Class Format

This is a 1 day seminar. 1/2 day of lecture and 1/2 day out at your machine applying the principles we have learned.

What this class is not

This is not a GD&T training class. You must have some working knowledge of GD&T and be at least a basic programmer.

What this class is

This class is an instructional class on how to apply GD&T using Calypso's programming principles.


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