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The application GWS-CALC offers the possibility to transform & modify 2D gws-contours by a single mouse-click within GEOPAK-Win (Mitutoyo’s MCOSMOS-software). A phi-z-contour e.g. can easily be transformed to a yz-contour (developed contour). Other transformation/modification options include:


➢Masking a contour

➢Sorting points

➢Change direction of a contour

➢Reduce number of contour points

➢Create new contour from nominal-actual comparison 



The following destination shows a directory named Mdf, the GWS-CALC.exe and a GWS-CALC.txt. First of all, the entire content of the directory Mdf, needs to be copied to the subdirectory …\EXE\GWS-Calc (as shown in fig.1).

The gws-contour to be edited also needs to be placed in this directory. The new/modified contour will later automatically be placed in this directory as well.

Fig. 1: Destination of GWS-Calc components


When opening the mdf-file in an editor, the first 2 lines give a short description of the function (unfortunately only in German). One great benefit is, that the calculation method can easily be modified according to the desired needs.

Fig. 2: Content of “phiz2yz” mdf-file

[Translation: The angle of a phi-z contour is used as the y-coordinate in a yz-contour. This enables a “developed” display of a phi-z contour in GEOPAK-Win] 


In GEOPAK-Win the program-call is performed as shown in figure 2:

Fig. 2: Program-call in GEOPAK-Win


Program name: Destination of gws-calc.exe

Working directory:Directory where mdf-files as well as the original contour are located

Program parameter:The following order of parameters is requested:

➢name of comand-file (mdf-file) to be used

➢name of the modified contour file

➢name of the original contour file


More information regarding the gws-calc-application can be found in the documentation-file in the installation-directory of MCOSMOS. This document also gives a number of examples of other transformation/modification-possibilities:




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