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Convert any DCC PC-DMIS measurement plan into a worry free ClearanceCube motion by first removing the DCC mode and then navigate to Edit | Optimize Path. When you run the Path Optimizer in manual mode, PC-DMIS will remove all the current move commands from your plan.

Once the plan is optimized, navigate to Edit | Preferences | Set ClearanceCube (or Alt + C) and click the Advanced button. Select the Status tab and then click on the Active tab to select all features. Alternately, you can select individual or multiple features by holding the Control key on your keyboard.

When you have all of your features selected, right-click on the Active tab and select Active | On. Now not only is your measurement plan run-time more efficiently, your code is a lot cleaner and easier to follow without all those pesky move commands.

Please note - the ClearanceCube only works with the CAD objects displayed in the Graphics Display Window. If you are using part holding devices without CAD representation, PC-DMIS will not "see" them. You are responsible for all clearance moves around any unknown obstructions. Always remember to practice safe inspection - run your inspection plans with caution until properly proven, then let ‘em rip!

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