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Today I Learned - CMM Manager - Executing a DMIS Program


CMM Manager allows you to load and execute a native DMIS program. Understand we are not talking solely PC-DMIS. Don't confuse PC-DMIS with native DMIS. PC-DMIS and all other CMM softwares available on the market today can output to DMIS.


Load the DMIS Program

In CMM Manager select the OPEN icon. Select the DMIS program you would like to run.



Preparing to Run the program

The DMIS program you choose to run must be pure DMIS. So this next step is critical in order to allow your program to run.


Click on DMIS Editor 




Now click on Check Syntax. This will search through the program and highlight any errors in the code. You will need to correct the errors. I highly suggest using a program like Notepad++. CMM Manager indicates what line the error lies on but the Syntax editor in CMM Manager does not show the line numbers. In Notepad++ you can go directly to the line with the error and make the necessary changes.




The errors I had in this program ranged from incomplete number values, i.e. 1.0,400.,0.300. The 400. needed to read 400.0 before the comma. All the errors where correctable.


After the corrections are made in Notepad++ you will need to reload and check the syntax for new errors. Eventually you will receive the error free message.



 If your DMIS program has no manual alignment. You will need to add this to the program. You need to have a manual alignment to locate the part on the CMM prior to executing a DCC program.


You are now ready to execute the Run program


Execute the Program

To run the program choose the Program Tab and select the Run button.







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